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Workouts Not Working?

Workouts Not Working?


We all know the benefits of working out far outweigh the risk of any injury involved. That said, the reality is, joint pain and inflammation can be a big problem when playing sports or hitting the gym.
First of all, it’s important to figure out the safest exercise for your ability. Bone up on proper techniques, either by using a trained professional or by consulting your good friend Google!
If there’s an activity that you enjoy but you have a problem with an aspect of the class or sport, try to customize it and make it work for you.

For example, if I bend forward to reach the handlebars in spin class my back will ache for days. So as an adjustment, I sit up completely straight while everyone else in the room is in the seated position. That’s when I experience all gain and no pain!
 Another important fitness tip to dodge injuries is to be consistent with your frequency and the amount of time spent working out. If your routine is going to be only 30 minutes a day, make it 5 days a week, please.

I'm a fan of short workouts! When you exercise for a shorter amount of time, you don't feel that urge to procrastinate or blow the session off completely. Tell yourself “I can do just about anything for only 30 minutes!”.

When you begin of your exercise program, don’t get carried away and do more than you can handle. It’s important to set realistic goals, feel the achievement of that goal, then set a new, more ambitious one after that.

Do you have the proper equipment a the rock climbing adventure or sport you love? Choosing appropriate training shoes and clothing for your specific type of exercise is paramount and well worth any investment you have to make.


Try not to train too hard or too often and pay attention to any soreness you may have. Start your routine with a 5-minute warm-up and don’t skimp on valuable cool-down either. This is your time to use the foam roller, stretch and really listen to your body. It’s easy when you’re pressed for time to ignore this aspect of your exercise routine. But this vital part of your practice helps to prevent muscle cramps or dizziness. It also gets your heart rate up or down and can help you to avoid stress fractures, back, knee, wrist and shoulder injuries.

Make sure to incorporate high and low impact exercises. By balancing both styles of working out you keep your body healthy, muscles engaged and you won't end up overworked.

Understand that most of the time people incur injuries during high impact activities. The impact puts major stress on your joints and skeletal system. It’s a good idea to get an assessment and work on your form with a trained professional, slowly working up to your fitness goals.
Drink hydrating liquid like it’s a job..when you exercise you sweat a lot, so be mindful and don't forget to replenish! Drink alkaline water, it's always the best choice if you can find it at the store.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods. your body will thank you for it!

9 Foods to Help Your Joints Stay Pain-Free

Olive Oil                                                   Salmon                                                       Almonds

Tuna                                                         Turmeric                                                     Sardines

Avocado                                                   Berries                                                        Spinach

Finally, make movement in some form, an everyday way of life. You'll be rewarded for your efforts in so many different ways.

It's A Wrap!

It's A Wrap!

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