What is multi-collagen?

Multi-collagen is a food sourced protein supplement, made from grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, wild-caught fish, eggshell membrane and 2 types of bone broth. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, its the “glue” that holds many aspects of our bodies together. The production of collagen in our own bodies starts to diminish around age 30. Unfortunately, by age 50 you’ve lost 20% – 50 % of this important protein. 
By ingesting multi -collagen you help to replenish what has been lost.

Is multi-collagen safe for breastfeeding or expectant mothers?

You will need to consult with a medical doctor before using this or any other dietary supplement.

Is multi-collagen safe for children?

We recommend that you consult with your child’s pediatrician before using this or any other supplement.

Can I give my pet multi-collagen?

You will need to consult with a veterinarian regarding your pet and their wellness.

How should multi collagen be stored?

Please keep in a cool dark place.

What is the best way to get your daily dose of multi-collagen? 

The powder is virtually tasteless and dissolves easily into many types of foods or beverages. Because high heat does not affect multi-collagen’s efficacy, feel free to bake with it or use it in an insta-pot. More frequently it’s added to smoothies, coffee, tea or oatmeal.

Who would benefit from using multi-collagen?

Because this bespoke brand of collagen is a special blend of hydrolyzed peptides, it serves most ages, by supporting many health and beauty aspects. If you have an interest in upping your fitness game, jumpstarting your beauty regime, or increasing your brain, gut, joint and artery health, then you have a lot to gain by adding multi-collagen to your daily routine.