Downtown Sag Harbor

Downtown Sag Harbor

We love a good history lesson - sans the extemporaneous and humdrum details. Because we can't wait for you to visit, here's a nice and concise overview of the town we love OH so much: 

Sag Harbor, NY is a small village that straddles Southampton + East Hampton; it's one of the most popular resort towns in the Hamptons! 

- From 1760 - 1850, the village was a thriving whaling port. 

- Its earliest settlers were the Algonquin native Americans! 

"Call me Ishmael". Sag is mentioned in Moby Dick


Sag goes Hollywood 

With the introduction of Dash, the uber-glitzy Kardashian pop-up retail shop, and Goop, Gwyneth Paltrows modern wellness-inspired lifestyle brand, the Hamptons are buzzing with excitement and people-watching is at its best. 

Celeb Spotlight

Athletes, artists, actors, music makers, movie moguls, A-listers + designers galore! You never know who you'll run into when you turn a corner or who you'll spot behind you during your downward dog at the Yoga Shanti. 


Putting Sag into words RAPID FIRE style:

Muses, Massage, YACHTS + Youngsters

Fashion, Theatre, Beaches, Bay 

Surfing, Bars, LT Burger + Sag Town Coffee 

Yoga, Spin, Cycling, Sunsets 

Paddle boarding, Tracy Anderson + Pilates

Trendy restaurants, Galleries, Shopping, Spa

Wine, Farm stands, Wellness + STYLE 

PLENTY of memories and photo ops with your favorite peeps.

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