Taking DOSE OF HEALTH multi-vitamin is a powerful action that will benefit you every day! All bodies NEED a multi-vitamin supplement to work smarter while helping you to fill in any nutritional gaps. This comprehensive blend is carefully curated and bioavailable for maximum results.

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  • Welcome to DOSE OF HEALTH! Our potent reimagined multi comes in a Non-GMO vegetable based liquid capsule that easily assimilates into your system for fast-acting benefits.

  • We have curated this supplement to include 42 fruits and veggies combined with 29 vitamins that are spot on to help you fill in the gaps of today’s modern diet.

  • Packed with immune support, and potent anti-inflammatory properties, our blend gives you confidence that you have control over your health and aging process.


    Our body is a vast ecosystem, and in a perfect world we would feed it a rich array of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, etc. - you know, the stuff chock full of nutrients that help us thrive. Realistically, that’s not always the case. Getting even one vegetable on your plate over the course of a busy day feels like a victory at times, we get it. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back. Our Dose of Health multi-vitamin is specially formulated to fill in the gaps in your diet. We took the full alphabet of well-sourced essential vitamins and minerals and combined them with our blend of 42 fruits and vegetables (yes…42)! With high concentrations of nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and berries - some familiar and some exotic - we went a step further to fortify with superfoods like spirulina, eleuthero, elderberry, ashitaba, dandelion, + chlorophyllin.

    You can expect elevated mood, energy level, and cognitive function; aid in digestion and digestive tract health; blood sugar maintenance + stimulated metabolic rate and fat burning; boost in immune and detox strength + liver support, eye protection; improvement in circulation; reduction in bad cholesterol and high blood pressure; decreased inflammation. Basically, all the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants + enzymes you need PLUS a blend of 42 fruits + vegetables for the ultimate supplement in preventative health care.

    1 to 2 liquid capsules 2 times a day with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional. Breath, you did something good for your health today. In order to maintain consistency, set a daily phone alarm.