Ingredients matter - That’s why we are your one-stop shop when it comes to collagen. Many conventional collagen products on the market are solely bovine, not our MULTI-COLLAGEN! They boast only types I & III - the “beauty collagens”. ..that’s nice, but we think you should have it all! Our hydrolyzed blend is next level...a true life-changer.

With 20 single- serve packets, they’re great on the go…friend to bags and pockets alike!

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FOR: Bodies that like to get up and get moving! Health savvy beauties + weekend (or everyday!) warriors. Passionate Yogi’s + balance seekers. Your, ‘I want to feel beautiful 24/7’ people, and all who want MORE awesome benefits from their daily scoop of multi-collagen!

EXPECT: -  Your skin to look hydrated + fresh with a youthful glow. With a reduction in the appearance of scars, cellulite + wrinkles.

- Strengthening of thin hair, nails, lashes, brows + beards yes you can share with him too
- The greatest post-workout recovery: muscle support, joint relief, reduced inflammation + tissue repair
- Gut health benefits galore: Improved strength in the lining of the GI tract and greater defense for keeping all that bad gunk from entering the bloodstream.
- A weight loss boost due to the healthy dose of protein; keeping you satiated longer
- Less sheep counting and more sleeping!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Adults, take me on the go! I’m great for travel, a friend to purse, pocket and gym bags alike. Carefully tear or cut along top of packet and pour into at least
8 oz. of your beverage of choice – water, tea, coffee, or smoothie.
Give a vigorous stir to distribute. May also be added to your favorite foods or recipes. Get creative with me….. How will you collagen?